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Curly Hair Observation | Starting A Healthy Hair Regimen

Curly Hair Observation  Before I begin my building a healthy hair care regimen I really need to take a closer look at my hair by doing a curly hair observation. I need to know what it is lacking and not lacking. Maintain a continuous healthy hair care regimen. Also, my hair needs to consistently be […]


African Hair Care | Women of Chad Secrets For Long Hair

African Hair Care | Women of Chad Secrets For Long Hair By Miss Sahel I went to Chad to unveil the natural hair care secrets of an African ethnic group called the “Basara Arabs.” The Basara Arab women are known to have very long natural hair that famously goes passed their rear ends. They cover their […]


Dry Hair Remedy | Steam Your Hair Without A Steamer

Why steam your hair without a steamer? The hair steaming method is to help infuse extra moisture that is needed for dry hair. It is time to infuse your hair with moisture without breaking the bank.  Save your money ladies! I find that steaming your hair works just as well as deep conditioning under a […]


Natural Hair LOC Method | Twists Hairstyle VideoTutorial

Natural Hair Loc Method Watch the Natural Hair LOC Method demonstrated by Curls and Mo in her video tutorial. Also, this video is relevant for those with dry, damaged, natural, curly, kinky, afro, relaxed and wavy hair textures.  Learn More Furthermore, learn more Information about the loc method and step by step guide here.


LOC Method For Natural Curly Hair | To LOC or Not To LOC

LOC Method If you’re natural then you know one of the most important things you can do for your hair is keep it moisturized. The goal is to avoid breakage and retain length. A lot of curlies achieve this by applying water to their hair in between washes and co-washes. However, The LOC Method is […]

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