• I wish that coverage like this would include information about ways for salons to protect their staff and clients.

    I have been using a Chemical Source Capture System in combination with another air filter, both by Aerovex Systems, and an exhaust in my treatment space for nearly two years. It vacuums up fumes as soon as they are produced, and filters them three different ways to protect my clients, and me, from breathing in potentially harmful gasses. This system was designed specifically for this purpose, and could help many salons protect their clients and staff while continuing to offer this wildly popular service.

    • Ellisha says:

      To protect yourself and your clients from formaldehyde and the chemicals it releases the best option is not to use the Brazilian Blowout or any formaldehyde base products at all. Sometimes you will have to stop and think about your long term health and your clients health.

      I have a hair restorative treatment that I will be available for sell online by May 1. This treatment will restore dry, damaged, chemically treated, relaxed, naturally curly and wavy hair. It also aids in scalp health. This treatment is made of 100% natural ingredients that will not harm your clients or the environment. Their will also be information on how to use the restorative treatment. So keep checking in. The grand opening date will be posted on CurlyChic.com