Best & Worst Oils

Best & Worst Oils | To use for Blow Drying and Flat Ironing Natural Hair

Best & Worst Oils

List of the best & worst oils to use for blow drying and flat ironing natural hair.  High heating temperatures can damage our hair when used with the wrong type of hair oils.  If you choose not to use oil to flat iron or blow dry hair then silicone is a good option.


The Best Oils to Use

Avocado Oil –  520 F smoking point

Grapeseed Oil – 485 F smoking point

Extra Light Olive Oil –  465 F smoking point

Olive Pomace Oil  – 460F smoking point

*These are oils that is less likely to burn at temperature settings at 450 F.


Worst Oils to Use

Flaxseed Oil – 225F smoking point

Walnut Oil – 320F smoking point

Hemp Seed Oil – 330F smoking point

Coconut Oil – 350F smoking point

Sesame Oil – 350F smoking point

Macadamia Nut Oil – 389 F smoking point

Any Cold Pressed Oils – 350F – 425F smoking point

Any Butters  – 350F to 425F smoking point

Use Oil with Caution

Smoking Points Ranges from 400F to 450F

Olive Oil

Corn Oil

Canola Oil

Sunflower  Oil

Almond Oil

Learn more about the smoking points of oils here

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  • Ogunyinka says:

    Thanks for the article, i was looking for the temperature that coconut oil burns and i found it in your blog.

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    You should seriously blog daily. This is awesome. Hell, blog twice a day. I love reading this kind of content.

  • shaneeka says:

    It’s important to keep in mind that human hair burns at 451 degrees.

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