4 Natural Hair Care Myths

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After 7 years of being natural I’ve learned that not everything that seems like good advice will actually work for my hair. There are a number of myths, some that existed in my own mind and others that I heard from outside sources that have been debunked through my experiences. Please keep in mind that what may be a myth to me may actually work for you and vice versa. With that said here are four hair myths that I’ve encountered during my hair journey.

1. Single strand knots will kill your hair progress

Okay, so I know some of you are going to give me major side eye here. A few years ago I would have done the same. Single strand knots are a pesky nuisance but not the hair killer I’ve seen some make it out to be. When I started caring for my hair I would go through small sections of hair cutting out little knots. No sooner would I trim off single strand knots than they would reappear within a few weeks. I even tried some methods people claimed worked to eliminate single strand knots. I would moisturize and seal my ends. Still, the knots persisted. I then figured just letting my hair do what it does and trim every few months. You know what? My hair retained length, looked great even in blown out straighter styles and I didn’t have to spend every two weeks snipping off tiny knots. I recommend going through your hair and do a thorough search and destroy of knots once or twice a year. After that just follow your normal

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