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yoga basics

Yoga Basics | Tips For Beginners Plus Poses

Yoga Basics

Yoga is over a thousand years old. It eases the mind, body, soul, increases flexibility,  tones the muscles, aids in weight loss and more! Here are a few things you should know before practicing yoga.

  1. You do not need to be flexible  Yoga is supposed to be easy, increase flexibility over time with regular practice plus reduce the body’s aches and pains by stretching the muscles.  Learn the basics if you are a newbie or join a yoga class for beginners.
  2. Be prepared with the right equipment. No shoes or socks are required since yoga consists of a relaxing environment. Mat will be needed to create a comfortable non-slip surface to practice yoga on.  Fitted clothes (at least a shirt)  is a must simply because you do not what to find yourself in a compromised position with your shirt over your head.
  3. Practice on an empty stomach It is best to wait up to 3 hours after a meal before doing your yoga routine.  When practicing yoga on a full stomach you can disrupt the digestive process which can leave you feeling some discomfort.

Yoga should be a revitalizing experience. Be patient and give yourself some time to fully learn the art. You may feel a bit of soreness during the first few days of practice but that will eventually go away over time.  In a matter of weeks or months, you will begin to see a total transformation of your body and begin to think more clearly.

New to yoga? Start with the above video!
In this video, you will walk through basic postures before knitting them together into a muscle toning flow. With mild cardio so that you walk away with a total body experience.

Yoga Instructor: Eric Rascon

yoga basics

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