Why Natural Hair is Hard To Maintain

Dr. Phoenyx Austin discusses why natural hair is hard to maintain. What you can do to live an active lifestyle and grow a healthy head of hair.

Afro-textured hair in its natural state thrives on moisture therefore steaming, misting the hair with water, or wetting the hair on a regular basis is OK vs avoiding water on hair that has been straightened by heat or chemically processed by a relaxer.

Furthermore, you can enjoy an active lifestyle and not worry about environmental conditions if you learn to love your hair the way it grows from your scalp.

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natural hair

Leola Brown

I would like to enter the giveaway for the book but I don’t see where I click the link to submit. I am natural but. I do not see any different. I don’t keep up with the time that I went natural I believe it was the middle of 2014

Leola Brown

Reason why I went natural to try to grow my hair back in the spot. I was thinking about going back to the relaxer

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