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Going Vegan| Why I Am Beginning A Fasting Diet

Fasting Diet

First, what is a fasting diet?

Fasting doesn’t mean that you are to abstain from all foods for several days or just drink only water. You are limiting your food intake so you can begin a healthier eating pattern, lose weight, rid the body of toxins and waste.  Simply you are eating on a deficient for one or more days.

Two days ago I made a decision to begin a fasting diet to prepare myself to become vegan but in a holistic way.  After learning about the toxins in meat and how we can live longer healthier lives by just eating vegetables, fruit, and grains.  The diet will only last for 15 days.  This will give my body enough time to cleanse itself of waste, toxins and unnecessary substances that I may be carrying.  Most of all, remove the sugar cravings I had for a very long time.  Sweets are the culprits that get in the way of achieving a lean and trim shape plus it slowed any weight loss routine I  ever had. I can easily maintain my weight with only a few pounds to go, losing the rest of the weight is a problem. This is why I am fasting.

My Diet Plan

My diet only consists of fruit and vegetables primarily leafy greens since it is more filling with occasional grains. Week one most of my food intake will be in the form of a shake follow by week two soup in the day with a meal in the evening. Grains will be minimal plus I will be drinking a lot of water. Drinking water is a must when you are on a fasting diet, it keeps your body hydrated and functioning properly.

The first few days of the fast went exceptionally well! I just knew I would fall of this diet quickly since I am still preparing regular meat base meals for my family. Day one was the hardest day to get through after that it has been a breeze. I experience a few headaches from time to time but that is just my body preparing itself for change.

Well, here is my plan for my family.  I will continue to give them regular meals while educating them on why they need to eat more healthy and eat plant base foods.  After fasting for 15 days, I will begin to introduce more plant base foods to their diet and slowly removing sweets, processed food, and meats.

fasting diet

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