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Fasting Diet Day 5 | My Holistic Diet

Fasting Diet

Fasting Diet Day 5

Hi everyone,

I am on day 5 of my fasting diet and still going strong! Well, I’ve been drinking plenty of water while drinking my green smoothies. My diet is still the same and has not changed since day one. Today or maybe Sunday I may prepare a light dinner which will consist of only vegetables with a few whole grains (quinoa or wild rice) just to keep me focused. By being married with six kids and still preparing them regular daily meals I do not want to veer off from my goals.

How I Feel.

I feel dizzy at times but it will pass. Most of the time I feel pretty good during the day. One thing I can say for sure is that I feel more focused and alert than ever!

My Plans

I have been working on meal plans to create when my fasting ends on March 1st. My meals will consist of no animal products.  Vegetable, fruit, grains and starchy (rice, flour) products will be more nutrient, vitamin dense. Which means rutabagas, sweet potatoes and turnips will be chosen over white potatoes. Brown rice, quinoa, wild rice will be used in place of white rice. I am giving up white rice.  Agave nectar, date sugar, coconut sugar will replace some of the cane sugar. I will use some cane sugar primarily for baking.  I am not sure if I am completely ready to give up cane sugar especially with baked goods. But I will use applesauce or substitute most of the cane sugar with natural sweeteners that have a  lower glycemic index

No Animal Products?

That is correct there will be no animal products in my meals. Why? Meat and animal based product contain a lot of toxins and bacteria most of all they linked to the development of cancer cells.  Read 100 Scientific Reasons To Not Eat Meat Here which contains a lot of great information.  This is the primary reason why I choose to stop eating animal products.  Try eating more nutrient rich grains and vegetables and lessen your meat consumption  if you must have animal products and can’t live without it

For those who love meat and considering a healthier diet. 

Try eating more nutrient rich grains and vegetables and lessen your meat consumption if you must have animal products and can’t live without it.  Over time when you are ready eventually wean yourself off of animal products. First, you can start by eating vegetarian or vegan for just one day a week. Next, eat no red meat, opt in for only poultry, fish, seafood and dairy (Or just start here). Finally, you are almost there!  Remove the poultry, then eat only fish, seafood and dairy. The next step is easy!  Give up the fish, seafood, and dairy and replace with whole grains, nuts, veggies, and fruits. That is it,  You are a Vegan! 

You can also do what I am doing,  go cold turkey! Fast for 12 weeks then begin eating vegan. 

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