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Facial Bacterial Infection | No More Bumps

Facial Bacterial Infection | No More Bumps

A few months ago my 8-year-old daughter’s face became inflamed with small acne like bumps around the center of her face. Primarily around the nose and chin area of her face.  Immediately, I began a cleansing regimen purchasing cleansers that was geared towards acne. After a few weeks of cleansing her face, I noticed the bumps has gotten worse and was difficult to clear up. I quickly contacted a dermatologist to figure out what steps or treatments were needed to clear my daughter’s skin.

The Visit To The Dermatologist.

The doctor took a quick look at her skin then immediately prescribed ointments to help clear her skin condition. Therefore, a coal tar and blue light treatment were also done to her skin. Some of the treatments used are triamcinolone acetonide, ketoconazole, clindamycin phosphate, and erythromycin. Vanicream was the face wash and moisturizer used on her skin. These products were used over a 3 month period. They helped a bit with inflammation but did not clear her skin as you can see in her picture.

The Road To Clear Skin

As an attempt to clear my daughter’s skin, I decided to use nature remedies as a part of her facial skin care. In this case, will be using herbal blends to clear her skin internally and externally. Cranberry juice will also be the perfect tonic for her to drink since it is high in vitamin c, antioxidants, and is an anti-inflammatory. It will also help with her kidney and urinary system by cleansing and reducing bacteria buildup flushing impurities from her body.

Finally, I build a solid weekly and monthly skin care regimen to improve and clear her skin condition. I am excited and looking forward to her results in the upcoming months! I will be posting her results weekly. Stay tuned!

Do you have issues with acne or facial bacterial infections? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Facial Bacterial Infection

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    Hi Sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering from bumps.
    i HOPE the remedies you have tried will help her out. Keep updating

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