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Couponing Basics | Stock UP & Save Dollars

couponing basics

Nowadays, when shopping for groceries we are so used to buying what we need at the spare of the moment. If you are a savvy person like myself you buy the basics in bulk, about a month’s worth from Sam’s Club or Costco. And then buy everything else that you may need from your local store during the week. I was able to save a few dollars this way especially since I have a fairly large family. But what I did not realize is that I can save so much more money by couponing. The problem was I really did not understand how to coupon effectively plus I found it to be somewhat time-consuming when I first attempted in the past.

Once I began to understand the fundamentals of couponing and shopping for the best price that is when the mega savings began. I’m talking about buying $500 worth of groceries and spending $200 or less!  This means more money in saved in the bank! Also, by couponing, you will seek groceries that are on sale and create your meals around them.

Couponing Basics

Keep it simple at first. Don’t go coupon clipping crazy otherwise, you will become overwhelmed when shopping. Clip the essential household items and groceries beginning with items you know you will use or consume often. Next, collects your local grocery store ads or download their app. Seek great deals on the ads such as “buy one get one free” sales, 10 for a $1.00 or sales that are 40% off or more the retail price first. Find your clipped coupons to match these sales then go shopping. The key is to bulk up on theses sale items purchasing 1 month or more worth of items.  For instance, if a 12 oz box of cereal retails $3.50 each and it’s on sale for $1.99.  If your family eats 2 boxes of cereal a week buy 8 boxes to last a month.

Shopping The Stores

My favorite stores to shop for great savings and deals plus earn points or additional coupons for more savings.

Winn Dixie Stores

If you live in Louisiana or have a Winn Dixie grocery store near buy don’t miss out on great grocery savings! If you shop their sales using their grocery ad you can save bundles! Also, you can load your coupons right to your Winn Dixie Card or account.  Better yet, you can earn dollars to gas up your vehicle.

Right now, (May 9, 2017) they have a buy one get one free sale going on this week on their Natures own bread and Mission Taco and Burrito Wraps. At checkout, you will spend less than $1.50 on each item.

Coupon Deal:  $0.50 off coupon.  Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Bath Tissue 6 double rolls “Buy one get one free”. Spend only $2.25 on each roll with coupon.  

This is only one coupon deal there are others.  Today, (May 9, 2017) is the last day to shop for these deals.

Dollar General

I enjoy shopping dollar general stores mainly personal and household items that are on sale. Most of all, I have a great opportunity for extra savings using my clipped coupons. Coupons can be loaded to your DG card or just download the app.  Plus you earn points and usually receive $3.00 to $5.00 off your next purchase.

CVS Pharmacy

Great saving and deals shopping their sales! Earn points for rewards using their app or card, get extra savings, plus clip coupons and load to the card. I loaded up on a few food items and personal items there.


Another store to shop for deals and sales primarily on personal care and beauty items. Just make sure to download their app or get their store card to earn additional savings.

Whole Foods

A great place to shop for discounted nutritional items, supplements, and foods that are not sold in local groceries. Perfect for us Vegans or those looking for a wide range of holistic alternatives. Furthermore, download their app and save.

Here are links to sign up for the above store rewards cards and begin saving. To get the best deals and savings signing up the rewards programs is a must.

Do you use coupons or your local grocery ads when shopping? Have tips or great ideas on couponing? Are you interested in learning more on how to coupon? Please share in the comment section.

couponing basics

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