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Iron Board Cover Tutorial | Easy Step-By-Step Instructions

While looking through my stash of fabric one day, I realized that I had several yards of heavy weight striped fabric that will make perfect use for a home decor project. My iron board cover was in need of a complete makeover since it was looking a bit shabby. Yes, I could have replaced the shabby […]


Sewing Glossary | Sewing Vocabulary You Need To Know

The ultimate sewing vocabulary for every beginner. Everyday sewing terms you need to know to improve your sewing skills. Backstitch: Used to prevent the stitching from becoming undone at the beginning and end of the seam. Sew a few stitches forward, reverse backwards a few stitches then continue until you have completed the seam then backstitch […]


Basic Sewing Supplies | What You Need To Get Started

Visiting the sewing and craft store can become a bit overwhelming. You know you need basic sewing supplies to begin with or just need a refresher on the supplies you need.  You may also have a few questions such as: What do I need as a beginner? What are the basic stuff I need to get […]


Learn To Sew | Get Ready, Get Set, Sew!

I am so excited today! It has taken me some time to begin sewing again since the birth of my set of triplets and my youngest son. Now they are older and independent,  I am ready to take out my trusted sewing machine, patterns, sewing equipment and supplies. I have a love for sewing garments […]


Interior Design Ideas – How to hide your JUNK!

Interior Design Ideas Do you need interior design ideas but have a lot of clutter in your home and you don’t know what to do? Watch this video on organizing and hiding the the clutter in your home. Follow:   You may also enjoy: Bedroom Makeover Master Suite Decorating here


Bedroom Decorating Ideas | Home Decor Haul

  Bedroom decorating ideas. Home decor haul featuring new bedding and bedroom decor for a complete bedroom makeover! Watch the overhauling of old decor, turn into something new and fresh 🙂 I hope you enjoy!  

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