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Sewing Pants |Colette Patterns Moji Pants

My sewing pants pattern Colette Moji  has been cut out, marked and is now ready to be pieced together and sewn! Material using: medium weight jean fabric. Steps taken: Compared my waist and hips to the patterns body measurements ( I’m a size 10) Cut out the pattern pieces. Adjusted the pattern to fit my […]


Tote Bag Tutorial: Sewing Lined Tote Bag for Beginners

I came across this tote bag tutorial at Bijou Lovely website and instantly fell in love with it!  It is the great size to carry my belongings when I am on the go plus she gives easy to follow step by step instructions. Whether you need a tote bag that is stylish, to use for shopping or […]


Yoga Mat Tote Bag Tutorial | Easy To Sew

When I created this yoga mat tote I wanted something functional and will look stylish with my everyday lifestyle. A yoga mat tote bag is a simple easy DIY project that will take less than one day to make if you have a little experience with a sewing machine. If you are not very experienced […]


Tote Bag Pocket Tutorial | Easy To Sew A Tote Bag Pocket

Jazz up a boring tote bag with a front, back or inside pockets! You can add one simple pocket for storage or add a few pockets to store various items. A tote bag pocket is a quick and simple project to create in no time!   Instructions: 1. Measure with a ruler and mark on the wrong […]

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