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Sweet Almond Oil Benefits | For Hair & Skin

Sweet Almond Oil Benefits Sweet almond oil is an anti-inflammatory agent that offers moisturizing and softening properties. It can also restore the skin’s barrier and relieve dry itchy skin. Sweet almond oil is used in cooking, baking and can be used as a laxative. Sweet almond oil (INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis oil) is a light, […]


Hair Growth Supplement: What you need to know about MSM

  By Dr. Phoenyx Austin It’s always a pleasant surprise when you stumble upon a vitamin or supplement that can cure some of the most common health issues, while also giving you a nice little beauty boost. And such is the case for MSM! I was recently chatting with a newly natural neighbor (try saying […]


Natural Hair Remedies: Peppermint Oil

  By Dr. Phoenyx Austin Ok ladies, I’m here today to chat a bit about one of my all-time favorite essential oils… Peppermint oil! Oooo, my scalp’s getting all tingly from just saying it! I really like this oil because it has so many wonderful benefits and uses- from hair to health. So let’s first […]


African American Hair: Dry Scalp Treatment

Dry scalp is a fairly common problem faced by many of us at some or the other time in life. Some of us have a dry scalp since birth. One reason is a strong heredity. If one of your parents have always complained of an itchy dry scalp then be careful, they might have passed it on to you. 1. Excessive hairdrying […]

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