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Natural Hair Remedies: Peppermint Oil

  By Dr. Phoenyx Austin Ok ladies, I’m here today to chat a bit about one of my all-time favorite essential oils… Peppermint oil! Oooo, my scalp’s getting all tingly from just saying it! I really like this oil because it has so many wonderful benefits and uses- from hair to health. So let’s first […]


African American Hair: Dry Scalp Treatment

Dry scalp is a fairly common problem faced by many of us at some or the other time in life. Some of us have a dry scalp since birth. One reason is a strong heredity. If one of your parents have always complained of an itchy dry scalp then be careful, they might have passed it on to you. 1. Excessive hairdrying […]


The Surgeon General discusses Black Women’s Hair and the Gym

The U.S. surgeon general stopped by the spectacle known as the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show  – and it wasn’t for a new ‘do. What better place to talk about health than at a hair show that draws 60,000 stylists? Dr. Regina Benjamin discussed the widely held belief that black women don’t exercise because  it […]


Black Women’s Hair: Their Dilemma With The Gym

Many black women avoid exercising because they do not want to sweat out their hair. But if they do exercise they try to schedule their workouts around their appointments. That is why today many women are choosing to go natural.  Their are so many natural hairstyles that you can wear such as wash-n-gos, stylish up-dos, […]


How to Dye Hair Naturally Using Coffee, Tea or Herbs

Tea, coffee and herb rinses helps increase bulk of hair, slows down hair fall and stimulate the scalp. Rinsing your hair with black tea and coffee helps darken the hair and add shine to it.   Various herbs are also known to enhance hair color and increase hair growth.       Materials needed: Tea […]

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