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Fasting Diet Day 9 | My Holistic Lifestyle

Fasting Diet Day 9 Hi everyone, This is so exciting! There are only 6 days left of my fasting diet then I am off to eating daily vegan meals. Currently, I am still on a deficit eating vegetables and fruit with little whole grains daily. Nothing has changed much other than I lost a few […]


Mixed Veggies Spinach Quinoa Recipe | Easy Vegan Meals

Feb 22, 2017 Currently, I am on a fasting diet with a focus on living a healthy holistic lifestyle.  As a part of my diet, I prepared this tasty and very filling healthy vegan meal so here is the recipe! Mixed Veggies Spinach Quinoa Recipe Ingredients Needed 16 oz bag of Spinach 1 red or […]


Fasting Diet Day 7 | Holistic Diet

Fasting Diet Day 7 Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi everyone, I made it to day 7 of fasting which means I am half way through my fasting diet!  March 1st (fasting end date) is right around the corner and approaching quickly! Still hanging in there as usual! Day 1 to 6 of Fasting The first […]


Fasting Diet Day 5 | My Holistic Diet

Fasting Diet Day 5 Hi everyone, I am on day 5 of my fasting diet and still going strong! Well, I’ve been drinking plenty of water while drinking my green smoothies. My diet is still the same and has not changed since day one. Today or maybe Sunday I may prepare a light dinner which […]


Going Vegan| Why I Am Beginning A Fasting Diet

First, what is a fasting diet? Fasting doesn’t mean that you are to abstain from all foods for several days or just drink only water. You are limiting your food intake so you can begin a healthier eating pattern, lose weight, rid the body of toxins and waste.  Simply you are eating on a deficient […]


Yoga Basics | Tips For Beginners Plus Poses

Yoga Basics Yoga is over a thousand years old. It eases the mind, body, soul, increases flexibility,  tones the muscles, aids in weight loss and more! Here are a few things you should know before practicing yoga. You do not need to be flexible  Yoga is supposed to be easy, increase flexibility over time with […]

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