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White Foster Parents of Black Children Learn Styling Tips

The six white women, their hair various hues of blonde and brown, stood within inches of a black woman in a red Wisconsin sweatshirt as she wove together strands of her son’s shoulder-length, extra-thick black locks. “It’s a workout doing his hair,” Alicia Maiden of Sun Prairie said with a laugh, joking that she told […]


Hair Story: African American Women Hair and Swimming

In Chris Rock’s popular documentary “Good Hair,” music producer Andre Harrell says he often takes hair-related issues into consideration before dating a black woman — like, will she be willing to accompany him to steamrooms, bathhouses, beach trips or swimming pools? Later in the film, actress Nia Long comments that her relationship with a man […]


Haircare Recipe: How to make homemade spritz for dry, brittle, curly hair.

Combing dry brittle curly hair can be challenging and causes breakage. My homemade spritz recipe will make styling hair easier, hydrate your curls, and stimulate you hair follicles. Water is the key element for moisture but is not enough for easy combing. Applying too much conditioner on a daily basis will cause build up clogging […]


Chunky Braid Out (Tutorial)

Hell Naturals! Cassadie of Natural Selection Blog created this fierce chunky braid that I just had to share with everyone! Below is her step-by-step guide to creating this funky hair style. CASSADIE’S GUIDE TO BIG HAIR DONT CARE (Chunky Braid Out) 1. Starting with dry, stretched, and NOT freshly washed hair, moisturize hair using leave-in […]

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