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Natural Hair Care Product: KoKo du lait Daily Leave In Moisturizing Detangler

Koko du lait is the ultimate natural hair detangler designed to help keep your hair soft and manageable all day! KoKo du lait pronounced (coco-do-lay) is a daily leave in moisturizer and detangler that makes it easier to remove knots and tangles from wavy, curly and kinky hair. KoKo du lait also keeps your hair […]


Natural Recipe: Buttermilk Liquid Soap for Face, Body, and Hair

Buttermilk is filled with wonderful proteins, fatty acids and vitamins that will nourish your hair body and skin.  Olive liquid soap is a gentle cleansing formula similar to castile soap that can be found online or at your local health food store. This all natural Buttermilk Liquid Soap  recipe you may like to try.  It […]


Natural Hair Care: Buttermilk Conditioner Recipe

  Looking for a quick homemade damage repairing conditioner recipe for your natural hair  that you can use straight from the kitchen? Well look no further this Buttermilk Hair Conditioner recipe will help revitalize your dry damaged tresses! The wonderful thing about buttermilk is that it is rich in proteins and vitamins B-12, A, C […]


How to Dye Hair Naturally Using Coffee, Tea or Herbs

Tea, coffee and herb rinses helps increase bulk of hair, slows down hair fall and stimulate the scalp. Rinsing your hair with black tea and coffee helps darken the hair and add shine to it.   Various herbs are also known to enhance hair color and increase hair growth.       Materials needed: Tea […]


How to Dye Natural Hair With Henna And Indigo

Henna and indigo are both natural herbs that will protect the hair,  strengthen the hair, and promote healthy hair growth.  If these herbs are not used properly on natural hair they can be very drying.  Also the herbs can become entangled in our curly or kinky locks if the proper techniques are not used. By […]


Natural Hair Recipe: Yogurt Conditioner

I found this  yogurt conditioner recipe on Au Naturale’s blog. This is the perfect recipe for women who are seeking natural ingredients for their natural hair. If you are seeking natural ingredients that will strengthen your hair, give easy detangling, and a healthy shine this is a great recipe to try. INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: Place […]

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