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Beginning Henna | For Moisture, Strengthening & Hair Growth

Beginning Henna I’ve been using henna for years. I even ventured off into commercial hair dyes which worked for a while but eventually irritated my scalp! However, several months ago I decided to give henna another try. Most of all, henna have wonderful benefits for hair health. You can learn more about it here. In […]


Understanding Frizzy Textured Hair | Curly Hair Problems

Understanding Frizzy Textured Hair Developing a greater understanding of frizzy texture hair is important for healthy hair growth. After taking photos of my hair I am able to see my hair in a different light.   I can see how it behaves, the differences in curl definition and shine! I am so amazed at how shiny […]


Curly Hair Observation | Starting A Healthy Hair Regimen

Curly Hair Observation  Before I begin my building a healthy hair care regimen I really need to take a closer look at my hair by doing a curly hair observation. I need to know what it is lacking and not lacking. Maintain a continuous healthy hair care regimen. Also, my hair needs to consistently be […]


Hair Porosity | Natural Hair Growth Series

Hair Porosity | Natural Hair Growth Series   In this video, I’ll be answering the question what is porosity for hair.  In upcoming hair porosity videos, I will be discussing what is low, good, and high porosity hair.   Subscribe for more videos at curlychictv.   Follow Me: Instagram: CurlyChic101 Twitter: Curlychic101 Facebook: Curlychic     […]


African Hair Care | Women of Chad Secrets For Long Hair

African Hair Care | Women of Chad Secrets For Long Hair By Miss Sahel I went to Chad to unveil the natural hair care secrets of an African ethnic group called the “Basara Arabs.” The Basara Arab women are known to have very long natural hair that famously goes passed their rear ends. They cover their […]


Going Natural | The Truth About Natural Hair Care

Going Natural |  The Truth About Natural Hair Care It’s been over 6 years since I’ve last chemically straighten my hair with a relaxer. However, over time I still could not get over the fact that I was not truly in love with my hair.  Do you have afro textured or tightly curled hair? If so, […]

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