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Henna Hair Regimen | For Strengthening and Coloring Grey Hair

Henna Hair Regimen It’s been sometime since I’ve hennaed my hair and i am overdue for a treatment. Here i am sharing my full henna hair regimen on how I henna my hair from start to finish. But first lets briefly discuss the benefits of henna and how it can help your hair grow healthy […]


Before Henna Hair Picture | My Natural Greying Hair

Before Henna Hair Picture It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve hennaed my hair! Now, it is time for a touch up! My grey hairs are very noticeable as you can see in my before henna hair picture. They will begin to take over the entire front hairline of my hair if I don’t henna […]


Preparing Henna | How to prepare Henna for natural hair treatments.

Preparing Henna There is one thing that I always keep on hand in the freezer and ready for my next hair treatment is my henna. I consider using henna a treatment because of its many wonderful benefits. Such as maximum grey coverage, vibrant hair color, strengthening of hair and improving scalp health. Unlike regular hair […]


New Year 2018 Curly Girl Goals | Natural Hair – Ayurveda – Tutorials & More

New Year 2018 Curly Girl Goals     2018 is going to be a great year! Furthermore, in this video I will be discussing my future 2018 Goals and beyond! Future topics will be about henna, henna applications, video demonstrations, and tutorials. Also, I will be incorporating Ayurveda and herbal treatments for hair and beauty […]


History of Relaxers and How Relaxers Work

Back in 1998 Dr. Ali Syed helped write a paper regarding content on the history of relaxers and how relaxers work.  I decided to post his writings for those who are interested in learning more about his writings on the relaxer system. Also, how relaxers effects the chemistry, porosity, swelling, loss of elasticity, the cuticles […]


Importance Of Protective Styling For Hair Growth & Lifestyle

Importance Of Protective Styling For Hair Growth & Lifestyle Understanding the importance of protective styling is inevitable if you desire to grow your hair to longer lengths or seeking an active lifestyle change. When I first began learning more about how to better manage my natural hair texture I was excited about trying new hairstyles. […]

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