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Henna Hair Problems | What I’ve Learned So Far

Henna Hair Problems | What I’ve Learned So Far In this video, I will discuss my henna hair problems. What I’ve learned over the past 7 years of using henna in my hair. Furthermore, using henna in natural hair is simple and not complicated. All you need is the right henna good quality henna and […]


Henna For Dry Hair ❤️ How To Mix Henna Using Cream Of Tartar

Henna For Dry Hair In the above video I will show you how to mix henna for dry hair using cream of tartar. Did you know that cream of tartar is known as potassium bitartrate? A natural fruit acid made from grape juice? It is the most gentlest fruit acid for hair and creates dark […]


Banana Deep Conditioner Application | Plus Hair Tips For Those With Dry Brittle Hair

Banana Deep Conditioner Application In this video, I will demonstrate my banana deep conditioner application process. Also, you will get valuable hair tips for those with dry hair or hair that is prone to breakage  Furthermore, view how well this conditioner really works! Subscribe To My YouTube Channel at You May Also Enjoy My […]


DIY Banana Deep Conditioner Recipe | How To Make A Natural Conditioner

DIY Banana Deep Conditioner Recipe A DIY Banana Deep Conditioner is the perfect treat for those who have very dry hair or experiencing a lot of breakage. Most noteworthy, Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamins that will penetrate your hair and scalp. Promoting hair growth, improving hair elasticity, preventing split ends and preventing hair […]

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