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Curly Hair Tutorial | Step-by-Step Guide to Beautiful Curls

Curly Hair Tutorial. Watch Leyla Rose step by step curly hair tutorial on how she achieves her gorgeous curls.  Also, this is one of her most highly requested videos. Furthermore, check out more of her youtube videos here. Plus, you may also like how to do a fishtail braid tutorial here.  


Long Natural Hair Fishtail Braid | Video Tutorial

Long Natural Hair Fishtail Braid In this video tutorial learn how to do a long natural hair Fishtail Braid. The Fishtail Braid is really easy and a fun different way to wear your curly and straight hair! This is a look that I do often and I hope you try it out as well! Also, you […]


Crochet Braid Tutorial In Under 1 How – Instructional Video

Crochet Braid Tutorial This crochet braid tutorial demonstrates on how to effectively achieve natural looking hair in under 1 hour.  However, the hair being used are the Wand Curl brand which can be found in the US and in the UK. Also, you can view more of Freedom Styles video tutorials here.  


Kids Natural Curly Hair: Low Manipulation Hair Style

Kids Natural Curly Hair I am loving those Curls! Kids Natural Curly Hair – This will be the go-to natural curly hairstyle for my daughter’s hair for the hot humid summer months to come.  What I love most is that this will be a low manipulative hairstyle for me to maintain. Furthermore, you may like […]


Heatless Afro Hair/ Stretching Natural Hair Using The Banding Method

By: AuCurls Naturelle I use this technique to stretch my hair to its maximum without using heat(mostly for styling my hair and not just a regular afro), so it takes me about 2 days to properly stretch my hair to its max, this is important for my african threading, however , there are more videos that […]


Turn Your Straight Or Wavy Hair Into A FOXY Fro!

Straight Or Wavy Hair To FOXY Fro! In this video, Genevieve Jauquet gives step by step instructions on how to turn your straight or wavy hair into an afro. I personally believe it is wonder seeing women with straight or wavy hair embracing afro textured hair! Genevieve Jauquet shares tips on how to achieve this hairstyle in this […]

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