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African Hair Care | Women of Chad Secrets For Long Hair

African Hair Care | Women of Chad Secrets For Long Hair By Miss Sahel I went to Chad to unveil the natural hair care secrets of an African ethnic group called the “Basara Arabs.” The Basara Arab women are known to have very long natural hair that famously goes passed their rear ends. They cover their […]


Going Natural | The Truth About Natural Hair Care

Going Natural |  The Truth About Natural Hair Care It’s been over 6 years since I’ve last chemically straighten my hair with a relaxer. However, over time I still could not get over the fact that I was not truly in love with my hair.  Do you have afro textured or tightly curled hair? If so, […]


Long Natural Hair | How To Grow 20 Inches of Hair

Long Natural Hair Want to grow long natural hair? Watch this video from NaturallyQuinn. Her hair has been natural for four years. This video explains how she is able to retain an average of 20 inches of growth. Check out the video to find out how! Subscribe to NaturallyQuinn on Youtube   Also, you may […]


Flat Twist Hairstyles | Braiding Natural Hair

Flat Twist Hairstyles Naturally Michy gives a step by step video tutorial on how to do flat twist hairstyles on natural curly and kinky hair. If you like it, share it below. Subscribe To Naturally Michy For More Videos here. Furthermore, you may enjoy how to stretch afro or curly hair using the banding method here.


Curly Hair Tutorial | Step-by-Step Guide to Beautiful Curls

Curly Hair Tutorial. Watch Leyla Rose step by step curly hair tutorial on how she achieves her gorgeous curls.  Also, this is one of her most highly requested videos. Furthermore, check out more of her youtube videos here. Plus, you may also like how to do a fishtail braid tutorial here.  

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