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Simple Everyday Look Bold Lips Makeup Tutorial

Simple Everyday Look Bold Lips Makeup Tutorial This is a fun simple everyday look bold lips makeup tutorial for beginners. Furthermore, this makeup look can be worn everyday minus the bold lips and lashes! So, have fun! By MakeupDoll Also, you may like Dark Skin Makeup Tutorial


Do black men ignore dark-skinned black women?

I had a lively discussion recently on black women and our intimate affair with hair, which eventually led to men and their preferences. Weave or no weave? Short or long? Color and natural versus the “processed” hair woman? Those are the questions. This conversation led to another issue correlated with hair textures: Skin color and the […]


Black Women And Beauty: It’s More Than Just Hair

“Nappy hair.” “Bad hair.” “Good hair.” “Weaved hair.” “Curly hair.” “Kinky hair.” “Permed hair.” “Short hair.” “Natural hair.” “Dreadlocked hair.” And on and on and on. Nobody, and I mean nobody is more obsessed with our hair, how it looks, how it feels, how others feel about it, and how we feel about it than […]


Roots Of Beauty: Black Women And The Perception Of Beauty

Light skin and silky hair has long been the standard for beauty across many parts of the world. Entertainment and fashion industries tend to promote Caucasian features, either choosing models that fit that image or using technology to remake them. Critics say such choices have created a racialised perception of beauty, along with a multi-billion […]


Black Women & Beauty: 10 Things You Must Know

By: Ben Arogundade This is an exciting time for black beauty. Black women all over the world are discussing their hair and beauty choices as a result of the so-called natural hair revolution that is sweeping across many parts of America. Over ten years ago I wrote a book called Black Beauty, which tried to make […]


Skin of Color: Treating acne

Whether it’s a few pimples or severe acne, there are five key factors that people with skin of color, especially those of African descent, should know before they begin acne treatment. Considering these factors can help individuals with skin of color make informed decisions about their treatment options and obtain better results. Five Key Factors […]


Skin of Color: Understanding ethnic skin conditions

Dermatologic conditions Conditions like psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis may be more difficult to diagnose in darker skin. If skin disorders are not diagnosed and treated properly, the initial lesions can become darker as they heal and the darker spots can last for years in some cases. Excess hair Excess hair is a common problem […]

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