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Clear Skin Guide Facial Breakouts | Bumps Be Gone Herbal Remedies

Clear Skin Guide | Bumps Be Gone Herbal Remedies For many months in the past, I’ve taken my daughter to the dermatologist seeking help, treatments, prescription drugs to clear my daughter’s skin. My daughter was diagnosed with facial bacterial skin infection which is hard to treat and can easily spread throughout her face. Furthermore, her […]


Bacterial Skin Infection | No More Facial Bumps Part 2

Bacterial Skin Infection | No More Facial Bumps Part 2 It has been over 2 weeks since I began doing natural facial treatments to improve my daughter’s skin condition. I’m so excited on how much her skin has improved. She had many doctor visits over the past several months. Plus I had her on daily […]


Dark Skin Makeup Tutorial: 10 MIN MAKEUP Video Tutorial

Dark Skin Makeup Tutorial Diuto Ajoku demonstrates a 10 minute quick and easy everyday natural makeup look.  Also, this is a dark skin makeup tutorial is for women with deep chocolate complexion. Furthermore, check out her back to school makeup tutorial here.


How to Get the Makeup Glow with Miss Lynn

Looking to get that glowing look. In this video, I’ll teach you how to make your makeup and/or skin glow! I’ve learned to use highlighters (ex. Bobbi brown Bronze Glow or Becca Opal) that illuminate the skin without looking too sparkly, but instead more glowy because of good sheen. The products used in this video […]

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