Southwestern Pinto Beans & Cabbage Recipe | Vegan

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I am back in the kitchen again and I have prepared a quick healthy hearty [...]

Fasting Diet Day 9 | My Holistic Lifestyle

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Fasting Diet Day 9 Hi everyone, This is so exciting! There are only 6 days [...]

Mixed Veggies Spinach Quinoa Recipe | Easy Vegan Meals

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Feb 22, 2017 Currently, I am on a fasting diet with a focus on living [...]

Inspirational Quotes | Quote Of The Day

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An inspirational quote to live by.   Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Fasting Diet Day 7 | Holistic Diet

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Fasting Diet Day 7 Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi everyone, I made it to [...]

Fasting Diet Day 5 | My Holistic Diet

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Fasting Diet Day 5 Hi everyone, I am on day 5 of my fasting diet [...]

Going Vegan| Why I Am Beginning A Fasting Diet

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First, what is a fasting diet? Fasting doesn't mean that you are to abstain from [...]

Yoga Basics | Tips For Beginners Plus Poses

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Yoga Basics Yoga is over a thousand years old. It eases the mind, body, soul, [...]

Best Ever Turnip & Carrot Beef Stew – Recipe

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 The best turnip & carrot beef stew recipe to cook for your family! This stew is [...]

Yoga Benefits For A Healthier Lifestyle

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  There are many yoga benefits that will lead you to a healthier happy life. Adding [...]

Holistic Lifestyle | 4 Ways To Live A Better Life

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A Holistic Lifestyle simple way of embracing your life in a more mindful, healthy, and [...]

Fat Burning Foods | Steps To Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast

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Try Fat Burning Foods. Healthy eating or balanced dieting is one of the key role [...]

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