Vegan Fudge Brownie Recipe | Made With Nutiva Coconut Manna
I had a taste for chocolate brownies for some time but wanted the brownies to be moist, sweet, vegan plant-based[...]
Nutiva Organic Products |  My New Pantry Staple
When searching the web for new organic food items to add as a part of my pantry staple of products.[...]
Avocado Black Beans & Tomato Sammie | Vegan Recipes
Today, I needed I quick lunch that will help me get through the day. When looking for quick prep simple[...]
Stock Up On Grocery Items | Simplify Meal Planning
Once a month you should stock up on groceries for easy meal prep. It simplifies meal planning and the constant[...]
Acorn Squash Recipe | Baked Maple Glazed
This recipe reminds of eating baked sweet potatoes but the maple syrup takes it to the next level with the[...]
Tofu Fried Rice Recipe | Vegan and Holistic
Tofu fried rice is the perfect alternative to egg fried rice if you are seeking a protein based, egg free,[...]
Spanish Rice Recipe | Healthy Side Dish
This Spanish rice recipe will definitely taste great in your burrito or as a side dish to your favorite southwestern[...]
Carrot Bread Recipe | Vegan & Egg Free
My family enjoyed this bread and so did I! This bread is so moist you will be surprised that one[...]
Vegan Pancakes Recipe | Tastes SO GOOD!
If you love pancakes but avoid them because you are dieting or just don’t want them because they are known[...]
Baked Zucchini Fries | Healthy Vegan Meals
If you are tired of basic homemade potato fries and would like to try something new. These baked zucchini fries[...]
Black Bean Burger | Easy Vegan Recipes
Sometimes you just want a protein based meal you can eat as a sandwich or enjoy alone. This tasty black[...]
15 Days Fasting Diet Complete | Holistic Lifestyle
Hi everyone, I have completed my fasting diet with great results! I lost a total of 12 lbs in 15[...]
Banana Paradise Green Smoothie | #VeganMeals
Hello Everyone, I am a huge fan of all sorts of healthy smoothies! Smoothies are quick and easy to make[...]
Chickpea Cakes & Sauteed Greens | Easy Vegan Recipes
This chickpea cake recipe reminds me of crab cakes but it's totally vegan. I mean no meat, no eggs included[...]
Southwestern Pinto Beans & Cabbage Recipe | Vegan
I am back in the kitchen again and I have prepared a quick healthy hearty vegan meal! Today, I decided[...]
Fasting Diet Day 9 | My Holistic Lifestyle
Fasting Diet Day 9 Hi everyone, This is so exciting! There are only 6 days left of my fasting diet[...]
Mixed Veggies Spinach Quinoa Recipe | Easy Vegan Meals
Feb 22, 2017 Currently, I am on a fasting diet with a focus on living a healthy holistic lifestyle.  As[...]
Inspirational Quotes | Quote Of The Day
[fusion_text] An inspirational quote to live by.   Follow my blog with Bloglovin[...]
Fasting Diet Day 7 | Holistic Diet
Fasting Diet Day 7 Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi everyone, I made it to day 7 of fasting which[...]
Fasting Diet Day 5 | My Holistic Diet
Fasting Diet Day 5 Hi everyone, I am on day 5 of my fasting diet and still going strong! Well,[...]

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